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Your Contract

How does it work?

It is important that you have an understanding of what type of teaching work you are looking for, whether it’s a long term contract in one school or daily ‘supply’ or ‘relief’ teaching in different schools.

permanent school contract

If you are relocating on the Tier-2 General Work Visa, you will immediately be placed on a permanent school contract. You will be put on the school’s payroll system and paid monthly. Your contract will include sick leave, holiday pay and more.


Long term contracts will typically be two terms (six months) or three terms (one academic year) long, depending on what time of year you start teaching with us in London.

Getting paid with Mainpay

If you will be teaching in the UK on either a GPS or Long term contract, we will help to set you up with our preferred payroll company, Mainpay. 

We are confident that you will find them very helpful in your financial needs. Feel free to download the information below to find out more about what they offer.

Main Pay Company Information

Main Pay Benefits


We have limited availability for guaranteed payment schemes. Please speak to you consultant for more information.