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How to Find Accommodation

Prior to your arrival to the UK, you should arrange a temporary accommodation for you to stay for the first couple of weeks or month. Most temporary accommodation costs associated with your relocation can be claimed and reimbursed tax-free as a relocation expense. Make sure you keep copies of your receipts and upload these via your personal online Main Pay account.

Short Term Accommodation

We advise you to book 10-14 days of short-term accommodation. This will give you plenty of time to find long-term accommodation once you are here.

Airbnb –– Popular short term room rental site. Ideal to find rooms anywhere in London.

Hotels –– A great option if you are looking to live in luxury for your first two weeks.

Hostels –– Various hostels around London for those on a tight budget.

Long Term Accommodation

Spareroom –– Probably the most popular room sharing and house-sharing website. You will find everything on here, it is highly recommended. Please view the room/house before committing to it long term.

Arrive homes –– Popular for teachers. Houses in North London. The minimum commitment is 3-4 months. You need to book in advance to secure a room, especially for the start of school terms.

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